more views  from HOLIDAY INN TOWNSVILLE: September 1, 2009
"Running Out Of Time: Copyright TURE SJOLANDER Mail:
dry tropical beauty (
Freedom of the Seas Land and Air  Click and look
as far you can see the freedom
Port Wine Tankers Train Trendy
Over the Hill soon
The King of Castle Hill
"I bite You if you don't shake hand, Sir" - Elton John From his new CD " The Misery Uranium Chick"
The growing village
Insurance  from A tp B and Back Again
The Clever Ass with No defect pattern in his mind...
Smart Ass ! The Route Line they go
Holiday Inn Townsville
The  Future  of  Flinders  Mall
About Town
Le Paradis
Nuclear City ?
Side Slide
Show 2009
prime news 2010